Compost Party

Thank you to everyone that came to learn about how food waste enhances climate change, and how we can do our part to lessen the amount of emissions produced by waste. Thank you Soil Cycles and Montana Conservation Voters for joining in on the conversation, and all you do to make Missoula, Montana, and our environment a better place for future generations. We look forward to having more events at the farm! Please let us know if you want to partner on an event. Building up our community is one of our core values.

-Kirstyn O’Connor, Executive Director

Starting the Farm Season

Transitioning from Spring to Summer could not be more exciting on the farm! The feeling of your hands in the dirt to birth new life is the reason we do what we do. It can be hard to sit in an office all day even if you do or do not do work that you love. Call us and set up a time to get your hands in the dirt! There is also still time for us to help you set up your own plot of veggies on our community garden spaces. Join us in the dirt and bask in the sun!